Being a parent is arguably the best job in the world. Though challenging at times, it is a beautiful, rewarding and joyous experience to teach, cherish, nurture and watch your child grow and blossom into their own unique individual. This Father’s Day, EBONY is celebrating all things Black fatherhood.

Here are 5 Black dad influencers sharing their fatherhood journeys with love, joy and grace—all while encouraging others to do the same. Follow them if you're looking for a little dad-spiration to brighten your day.

The Dad Gang


Founded by Sean Williams, The Dad Gang is a global community of Black fathers created to defy stereotypes, shatter myths and celebrate Black fatherhood every day. It's a safe space for Black dads to “encourage, teach, support and share tips.” Williams is also the author of the children’s books Girl Dad and Boy Dad.

Christopher Kyle


Chris Kyle is a Black dad influencer from Detroit. He documents his life and experiences as the father of adorable 4-year-old Ava Christine. In 2020, the pair went viral when Kyle posted a “restaurant review” of “Ava’s Kitchen.” Earlier this year, Kyle welcomed a son, Azim.

James Meeks



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James Meeks and his family have certainly mastered the art of the perfectly coordinated, magazine-worthy photo. But that’s not the only reason you should follow him. He regularly engages his audience with cute, inspiring and humorous captions about family, parenting and relationships. Congratulations are in order as his wife recently gave birth to their fourth child.

Devonte Bennett Bey


Devonte Bennett Bey is an author, creator and dad of three, “on a journey to be the most legendary father and husband.” In addition to tips on parenting and marriage, Bennett documents his family’s experience traveling full-time in a tiny home on wheels.

Monte and Mario Foreman-Powell


Same-sex couple Monte and Mario Foreman-Powell are the fathers of precious baby girl Marayla. The pair showcase their everyday family moments raising their daughter, and have shared their unique surrogacy journey as a queer couple.