Yo Gotti’s song “Rake It Up” is an undisputed hit. You hear it in clubs, at house parties and from the sound systems of cars all over America.
Well, enter the remix.
One daddy-daughter duo has put their own unique spin on the rap anthem in hopes of inspiring parents and kids alike to make the most out of the school year.
Joel and Dream Carter set out to encourage all students and teachers with their rendition of the original song, which also features Nicki Minaj.
Though “Rake It Up” was meant to describe how strippers dance to “rake up” or collect dollar bills, Joel, with the help of his 8-year-old daughter, Dream, rewrote the melody and dubbed it “Back to School Anthem.”
Instead of dancing to rake up cash, the Carters seek to inspire students to rake up good grades.
“I wanted to make a positive song with my dad and help kids be happy about going back to school,” said Dream, who is a straight-A student entering the third grade.
Both Joel and Dream are members of the family’s entertainment business, The Carter Link. Collectively, the relatives create and produce inspirational videos and images that spread love, encourage and inspire.
“I used my verse not to just encourage the students but also the teachers,” Joel said. “It is not just up to the kids to do their best work, but it’s also up to the teachers to do their best work to help each kid reach his or her fullest potential.”
Check out the video of the Carters’ version of “Rake It Up” below.