A Dallas police chief said federal and state laws prevent her from firing Amber Guyger, the White Dallas cop who shot and killed a Black Man in his own apartment on Sept. 6, WFAA 8 reports.

Chief Renee Hall spoke at a town hall meeting at Paul Quinn College on Tuesday where she was asked about the death of Botham Jean, the 26-year-old Black man who was killed in his apartment by Guyger after she mistook it for her own.

The local community had expressed their displeasure over the handling of the case and wanted to know why Guyger is still employed with the police force, per WFAA.

“I can’t do that because there are both local, state and federal laws that prohibit me from taking action,” said Hall.  “There are civil service laws we have to adhere to.”

Community members also wanted to know why Guyger’s case was transferred from the Dallas Police Department to the Texas Rangers.

Hall asked for patience as an investigation takes place and said that the community has been open about not trusting the Dallas police department, but critical of its move to bring in a third party to handle the investigation.

Justin Moore, a civil rights attorney who was a panelist at the town hall, said he was taken aback by Hall’s comments and said that she needs to brush up on the law.

“I was completely mystified, and I really didn’t understand where it came from last night. It seemed like Chief Hall might not have been well informed on the law,” he said.

Adding that, “The Chief of Police may circumvent all formal disciplinary procedures to render an immediate decision when it deems it necessary to preserve the integrity of the department.”