Rihanna’s makeup line Fenty Beauty had a big impact on 2017. Her line of products sold out in many places and was praised for its inclusivity offering over 40 shades of foundation. While the girls killed to get their hands on a perfect match, Daniel Kaluuya did a great job of showing how men can rock the perfect Fenty look too.

The Oscar-nominated lead actor in Jordan Peele’s Get Out donned a face full of Fenty Beauty to the award ceremony this past weekend. The brand took to their social media accounts to reveal Kaluuya’s a blend of PROFILTR in 480 and 490 some of the darker shades offered.

Kaluuya’s makeup was done by artist Amber Amos and she told Billboard his look only took 30 minutes. “Daniel is so low-key, every time the goal is to perfect the skin and make him look less tired than he is because he’s doing a lot,” Amos said. Kaluuya recently starred in Marvel’s Black Panther and was on an international promo run for the movie.

“That’s the most important thing — I want him to go out there and be golden, I want him to glow.” And glow he did.