Sometimes it takes losing someone to find yourself.

Former Bridezillas star Danni Starr portrayed a very intense 26-year-old bride-to-be on WE tv’s hit television series that aired in 2011. Five years later, the radio personality is now divorced from her ex-husband, Marlon and is not dropping pearls of wisdom in her new book,  Empathy and Eyebrows: A Survivalist’s Stories on Reviving Your Spirit after Soul-Crushing Sh*tstorms.

The D.C. WKYS 93.9FM radio host seems to have matured since appearing on the show six years ago. She is wiser and now a mother of two young girls, is bouncing back from a divorce and uneventful job loss.

“I would like [this] book to really allow people to realize in your broken moments, it sucks,” Starr told ESSENCE. “When you go through some stuff, and tragedy hits you, and you’re rock bottom and you’re at your lowest moments, it is really hard to see the other side. But what I’ve learned through going through all this craziness is the other side is really beautiful.”

Marriage Boot Camp was life-changing to me,” Starr told ESSENCE. “It gave me permission to forgive my dad and myself and get a divorce.”

Back then during her appearance on the show in 2013, Starr also worked to improve her rocky marriage, by taking the tools she learned from the show’s counselors and incorporating them into her marriage. Her and Marlon remained married for one year after the show aired and welcomed a second child to the family. But while they gave the relationship their best shot, ultimately the couple decided to end their union.

“We had another baby before I got a divorce, and I honestly wanted my marriage to work,” she added. “We had a handbook to succeed, and we’re still messing up like this? We’re not succeeding? I did Marriage Boot Camp because I really wanted it to work. Even though my marriage ended, it was 100 percent worth it.”

Starr’s book tells the story of not just her success, but also a life of difficulties, struggles and lessons.  Essence describes the book as “her honest testimony” that is “written in a voice for millennial women who are experiencing a catharsis in their person and professional lives.”

Starr is reminding readers that they “can focus their energy on the light on the other side.”

 Empathy and Eyebrows: A Survivalist’s Stories on Reviving Your Spirit after Soul-Crushing Sh*tstorms is available now on Amazon.