Falling into a rut is compounded by one thing: helplessness. That’s the unavoidable, disastrous realization once you’ve planted roots in it. Most folks have been in this position where the overwhelming nature of simply being—too much work, too little money, too many eyes on you—causes paralysis. Usually it affects every aspect of our lives. You’re in a hole at work, at home, in relationships and, most important,  with yourself.

But adulthood doesn’t have to be an endless list of duties, minus the balance of fun, happiness and fulfillment. There are those who have found ways to get more out of life. Everything may not be perfect, but it can be better, even great. That magical shift happens at the most unique time for everyone. There is no 30-day cleanse, shopping spree or boys’ trip that will redefine your ability to thrive. It happens when you make the choice to go for it. If the time isn’t now, it will come.

Since staying ready is always better than getting ready, EBONY has lined up a team of five experts to share thoughts on achieving the balance you desire in any area of your life, once you’re willing and able to make that move.

Read more in the July 2014 issue of EBONY Magazine.