EBONY, in collaboration with BlackRock, presents the latest episode of Date with a Dish, hosted at Melba’s, a premiere Black-owned restaurant in Harlem.

Moderated by famed journalist Jeff Johnson, this episode dives into the challenges of understanding money and building financial stability.

Johnson is joined by heavy-hitters Otis Greene, CFA, Managing Director, and Senior Portfolio Manager at BlackRock; Jabari Magnus, CFA, CFP, Managing Director at BlackRock; Justin Tuck, Managing Director at Goldman Sacs; Bjorn Haines, Managing Director at BlackRock; Keenan Scott II, Playwright and Creator of Thoughts of a Colored Man; and Steve Pamon, President of Verzuz.

This episode includes two components. First, Johnson hosts cocktails and conversation with BlackRock leaders, Green and Magnus, then an intimate dinner table conversation with Tuck, Hanes, Scott and Pamon.

Johnson explores very poignant relatable topics, including how childhood impacted each attendee’s relationship with money, financial north stars, and the current factors that shape one’s approach to finances. Additionally, each guest offers candid insight into how the intersection of their identities, from race and gender to family of origin and career, has impacted his personal financial journey.

As to be expected with a table full of financial experts and business leaders, there were a few common threads, such as the importance of financial education. “I tell clients this all the time. You have to be informed. You have to be disciplined and you have to be patient,” said Greene.

Another major note was the significance of not just giving your children more money, but also normalizing conversations about finances and business. “I went to a school, Notre Dame, and when I got there, I met a lot of kids who had these dinner talk conversations with their parents, who understood LLCs and that their parents owned a business. It was normal,” said Tuck. “It was an eye-opening experience.” Find out more about strategies to improve your relationship with money and building a financial legacy.

Watch the latest episode of Date with a Dish.

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