Uncuffing season is here, and a recent study conducted by Tinder has revealed that a substantial number of singles—four out of ten, to be exact—have either recently ended a relationship or are planning to do so, all in pursuit of embracing their single status for these sunny summer months. To help you make the most of this exciting dating season, we sat down with Devyn Simone, the brand's Resident Relationship Expert, renowned internationally for her exceptional matchmaking skills and dating expertise.

Simone’s guidance has led numerous singles to discover and foster happy, long-lasting relationships. Having personally interacted with over two thousand singles and hundreds of successful couples, she has a deep understanding of the unique challenges we all encounter in modern dating, especially amidst the swipe-centric era and the post-pandemic world we now inhabit.

So, if you're eager to uncover the secrets to a successful summer dating journey, read on as Devyn Simone spills her most coveted tips and insights to help you find the love you've been longing for.

EBONY: Starting with your dating profile, what are some best practices for optimizing your dating profile to attract the right matches?

Devyn Simone: When it comes to photos, use recent pictures. Don't use anything more than 1–2 years old, especially if you've made any major changes to your personal style. Also, show yourself doing activities and with friends. Don't get lazy—take the time to clearly state what you're looking for in your profile. Whether you want a long-term relationship or are still figuring it out, claim it. We've seen lots of success with singles doing this, as it connects you with like-minded people. This way, you don't have to worry about matching with someone who isn't looking for the same type of relationship, which would waste your time.

What are some ways to start conversations and move things to a first date?

Here's a simple hack to avoid struggling with what to say to new matches: pick 5 great qualities about yourself and think of a short anecdote for each one. For example, if one quality is that you're socially outgoing, you can briefly mention that you meet up with friends every Friday.

When you match with someone, look for cues in their photos or bio to connect to one of your anecdotes. Ask an engaging question related to the anecdote, like "Do you go to that lake every weekend?" for a photo in front of a lake. Share your short, true stories in response to what they say. This gives you an easy, natural conversation starter instead of resorting to a dull "hey." Show genuine interest in learning about them while highlighting your own attributes. After three to four days of good conversation, suggest meeting up in person for a proper date. Don't get stuck in endless back-and-forth messaging.

How can you stay positive when facing rejection and disappointment in online dating?

Remember, rejection is a normal part of dating and life. Don't take it personally—it's not a reflection on you. Keep an open mind and maintain realistic expectations. Revamp your profile if you hit a frustrating wall. And take breaks when needed to avoid burnout. Just keep trying because there are more opportunities out there, and someone will appreciate you. 

What should you look out for to stay safe when meeting matches from dating apps?

It doesn't hurt to do a basic Google search on your matches before meeting up.  Look for consistency in behavior as a safety cue—inconsistent or cagey communication could signal someone is hiding something or leading a double life. Generally, people with genuine intentions will want to meet up after a few exchanges to avoid wasting time. If there's always an excuse why they can't meet up, or plans keep falling through, take that as a red flag that they may not be as available or interested as you are. Trust your instincts if something feels off. Your safety is the priority when meeting someone new.