Tax day is just around the corner and as many prepare to “blow a check,” a Plenty of Fish survey emailed to reveals that many singles are opting to be more money savvy with their anticipated tax refunds.

In an effort to uncover the finer points of taxes and finance, the survey took a look at the habits of 3,000 singles across the U.S. Of those who responded, just 11 percent of singles plan to spend their tax refund.

While it probably isn’t the best idea to prioritize love, sex and romance if you’re in dire financial straits, you can still have fun on a budget. Here are three ways to enjoy the company of an intimate partner while keep your funds intact.

1) Plan a $20 date.

$20 doesn’t go very far these days, but with a little creativity and great company, you can have a wonderful time. Movies are not ideal for a first date as they do not allow the space for you to get to know each other. But if you want to spend quality time with someone who you kind of know already, a $6 matinee and a quick bite during happy hour is the way to go. Cheap dates remind us to focus on the things that matter in life without the distractions of bells and whistles.

2) Five things under $50. 

You know what’s greater than a fancy, over-the-top date? Proof that you pay attention to your mate and what makes them smile. Place five simple but smile-inducing things your mate loves around the house for a week. A subscription to the special issue of their favorite magazine, their favorite snack, and/or a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant or shopping center makes for great inexpensive reminders that you care.


3) Foot/back rub and chill.

One thing we cannot afford to sleep on is the power of touch, especially when it comes to intimacy. Few things are better than a nice back or foot rub after a hard day’s work from the one you love. Set the mood, light some candles, turn on your favorite Netflix show and get to rubbing! A nice relaxing evening in will not only save you bread, but build, renew and increase closeness between you and your mate.


A little bit can indeed go a long way. You may have decided to kill your spending, but your love life certainly doesn’t have to die.