Prosecutor On Daunte Wright Shooting Case Steps Down

A prosecutor listed as co-counsel on the case against former police officer Kim Potter has stepped down, according to the Associated Press. In his resignation submitted on Monday, Imarn Ali cited that “vitriol” and “partisan politics” made it impossible to pursue justice. The announcement comes after the Washington County Prosecutor announced that they would no longer be handling the case. Instead, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison's office will be prosecuting Potter.

Gunshots Heard Near Floyd Square Ahead Of Memorial Celebration

Hours ahead of the memorial celebration scheduled to take place Tuesday, gunshots were heard just steps away from the Minnesota intersection where George Floyd was killed last spring, the Associated Press reports. Footage from the scene shows people running for cover as the shots rang out. It appears that the celebration, however, is still on track to take place.

Travon Free Discusses Oscar-Winning Film Inspired By George Floyd

During a recent appearance on "Ellen," director Travon Free discussed his Oscar-winning short film, Two Distant Strangers, which was inspired by the death of George Floyd, and how he wrote it in just five days. The film documents a Black man who is killed by police while trying to get home to his dog. Each day he awakes and relives the same experience as he attempts to break the cycle. "In doing that and repeating that cycle every day and internalizing the feelings you feel when you hear a new name— Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd," Free said of the inspiration behind the film. "As a Black person, you go through this cycle of emotions to process these things, and I found myself going through my cycle for these three different people and they were overlapping, and it just felt like living the worst version of Groundhog Day."

Erica Mena Files For Divorce

After less than two years of marriage, reality star Erica Mena has filed to end her marriage to Safaree Samuels. According to TMZ, the reality star filed for divorce Friday in Fayette County Superior Court. The news comes weeks after Mena announced that she and Samuels are expecting their second child together.

T-Pain Lands Podcast Deal

It does not appear that the trend of celebrities with podcasts is going away any time soon. The latest to join the ranks is T-Pain by way of a newly announced partnership with Podcast One. According to Deadline, the series will be called Nappy Boy Radio and the episodes will feature conversations with celebrity friends of the Tallahassee singer.