Veteran Officer Claims Daunte Wright Shooting Was An Accident

Officer Kim Potter, a 26-year veteran with Brooklyn Center Police Department, told investigators that the fatal shooting of 20-year-old Daunte Wright was an accident, according to Yahoo News. Wright was killed while apparently fleeing a routine traffic stop just miles away from where George Floyd was killed by former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin last spring. According to the Brooklyn Center Police Chief Tim Gannon, Potter fired her gun when she meant to reach for her taser.

“There is nothing I can say to lessen the pain of Daunte Wright's family,” said Gannon. “This appears to me, from what I viewed, and the officer’s reaction in distress immediately after, that this was an accidental discharge that resulted in the tragic death of Mr. Wright.”

In body camera footage of the incident, the officer can be heard yelling “Taser! Taser! Taser!,” before discharging her weapon, after which she shouts, "Oh, shit, I just shot him.”

Prosecution Rests In George Floyd Murder Trial

After 11 days and nearly 40 witnesses, the prosecution in the George Floyd murder trial rests its case. The defense is expected to present beginning Tuesday, according to NPR. For nearly two weeks, the defense has built their argument that the low oxygen in Floyd's body, caused as a direct result of Derek Chauvin placing his knee on the victim's neck, was Floyd's primary cause of death. The defense is expected to continue the argument that Floyd died as a result of drug use and underlying health conditions.

CDC And FDA Call For Pause Of Johnson & Johnson Vaccine

The United States Centers For Disease Control And Prevention and the United States Food And Drug Administration, are both recommending that the United States pause distribution of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine, CNN reports. The move comes after six cases in which "rare and severe" blood clots have formed in people after receiving the vaccine. All cases were in women between the ages of 18 and 48. Symptoms began to show between 6 and 13 days after vaccination.

Sheryl Underwood Speaks On Sharon Obsbourne Incident As 'The Talk' Returns

"The Talk" returned Monday after month-long hiatus, which ended with the departure of co-host Sharon Osbourne. In the first episode since the incident, Underwood described the heated exchange between her and Osbourne, which stemmed from Osbourne's defense of Piers Morgan and his criticism of Meghan Markle.

“I feel like I’m in PTSD because it was a trauma,” said Underwood. “And I feel like I want to get past this because I really wanted to get back to work with my friends and my colleagues and the crew — but I also wanted to get back to the audience.”

Underwood also explained that she restrained herself during that conversation because she did not want to be perceived as the "angry Black woman."

DMX's Family Warns Against Scammers Raising Money For Funeral

The relatives of DMX have issued a statement in response to scammers who have sought to capitalize on the late rapper's passing.

“There have been a few rumors following our loved one, Earl Simmons’, passing that we’d like to clear up," Simmons' family explained in a statement released to Variety. "No one has bought Earl’s masters. Additionally, we are not selling any merch or raising money for Earl’s funeral.  If anyone is requesting money for his funeral please be aware the person is a scammer. We will keep the public posted on funeral/memorial service arrangements.”

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