Hanging out before a Chappelle's Show taping the week The Black Album came out, 'Ye and Dave had a listening session ("Jay Z says on the record, 'Kanyeezy, you's a genius. You did it again,' and Kanye stopped the tape and pressed rewind"), Kanye performed with Common, and then Kanye and Chappelle headed to the editing room to preview some never-before-seen sketches. "We was all cracking up and then in the middle of it all, Kanye's phone rings," Chappelle said. "This is when I knew he was gonna be famous. He answers the phone, he goes, 'Hello. Huh? No. Uh uh, I can't. I can't. 'Cause, I'm at the Dave Chappelle show watching sketches that nobody's ever seen before.' And then he says, 'Cause my life is dope, and I do dope shit,' and then he hung up the phone."