EBONY’s Jaleesa Lashay sat down with Blindspotting stars Daveed Diggs and Rafael Casal to discuss the labor of love that became the powerful indie film, with Diggs revealing that it took a decade to pen the movie.

“We wrote this script over the course of ten years, so we really just lived life…and then in the last couple of weeks we were extremely panicked.”

The two actors/ screenwriters also discussed addressing gentrification and police brutality, saying their approached changed with the times.

“Police violence really only went from, ‘Oh, this is newsworthy,’ to, ‘this is not newsworthy anymore,'” Casal shared. “Before we had riots and all this crazy stuff that was going on in Oakland…when Oscar Grant was killed around the tie we started writing this. The changes, we had to take all that stuff out because it’s not true to life anymore.”

Check out the clip above.

Blindspotting is in select theaters now and opens nationwide July 27.