In an appearance on Sister Circle TV on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, rapper David Banner provided an interesting perspective on racial integration.

“I personally think that integration was the worst thing that ever happened to Black people even more than slavery,” the “Get Like Me” rapper said. “Black people gave up ownership, we don’t even have any say so over how we teach our kids or the way that our children wear their hair when they go to public schools in a lot of cases.”

Brown vs. Board of Education (1954) deemed the racial segregation of public schools unconstitutional.

“I think what happened in the movement. It was never about integration,” he continued. “It was about desegregation, you know. Breaking down the machine of White supremacy.”

“We spent so much time trying to integrate we forgot who we were,” Banner continued. “And the real purpose of being here and that’s ownership.”

Watch the clip below: