At the end of last year I wrote an article for detailing several “resolutions” that the Black community should enact in 2012. One of the main themes of that article was the need for the Black community to pool our collective resources and direct our immense spending power toward Black entities (businesses, organizations and movements). As we close the first quarter of 2012, and, in an effort to practice what I preach, I am officially unveiling the “2M1 Movement.”

The 2M1 Movement represents a grassroots attempt to assert our collective independence by taking control of our movies, our music and our creative content. To achieve this goal I am asking two million people to donate $1 (or more) to the movement at In addition to your support of the movement, your dollar donation entitles you to a download of my upcoming album, Sex, Drugs & Video Games, on May 22, 2012. Far from the average mixtape, this is a self-funded, high quality album with features from Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown, 2 Chainz, Raheem DeVaughn and a host of others. Additionally, your $1 (or more) donation also entitles you to downloads of the official videos for each of the songs on the album. In offering all of this content, the 2M1 Movement also represents a return to the consumer receiving an abundance of quality products for a more than affordable price. And if all of that weren’t enough, $1 million of your donations will be used to finance the shooting of a movie that I’m writing, directing and producing that will be released on May 22, 2013.

Personally speaking, this movement also represents a return to my musical roots. As many of you may already know, my beginnings in the music business were humble indeed. I first began by buying 100 blank CDs, burning my tracks on them and selling them on the street for $10 a piece. From those profits I reinvested my money, purchased another 1,000 blank CDs and sold them for $10 a piece. From that $10,000 I used $5,000 to buy a van (my famous maroon van!) and with the remaining $5,000 I bought another 5,000 blank CDs and sold them for $10 each.

In addition to my hustles on the street and in clubs, I also established my own distribution company to small mom and pop stores. After setting up my own Internet site, my mother and I actually hand mailed or delivered every CD that was purchased. By using this approach I was able to build my business and my career from the corner and not from a demo. Just like the beginning of my career, the 2M1 Movement represents a return to a direct connection between the artist and the consumer.