A Minnesota daycare worker will not receive jail time after she admitted to hanging a toddler with a noose in her Minneapolis basement, WISTV 10 reports.

Prosecutors wanted Natalia Karia, 43, to serve time in prison over the November 2016 incident where she placed a 16-month-old boy in a noose, fled the scene,  hit a pedestrian and bicyclist, but on Monday a judge said that because she suffers from mental health issues that she shouldn’t.

The boy and the other victims survived the incident, per reports.

“Please forgive me for everything that happened to the boy and that terrible day,” Karia said through an interpreter to the parents of the young child.” “Unfortunately, you will have to live with those injuries that I caused you, per WISTV 10.

Karia, who pleaded guilty to an attempted murder charge, told the court that she was suicidal and was experiencing mental illness episodes that she couldn’t get treated because of her abusive husband.

“My husband was only thinking about money, how much money we would lose if we closed the daycare and how much it would cost if he took me to the emergency room,” she said.

Prosecutors argued that Karia would get mental health services in prison, but Judge Jay Quam said that he didn’t feel prison would be the proper sentence for someone who had no criminal history and developed mental health issues.

“The question remains as to why a mother of four children, who has no known history of physical aggression or other criminal behavior, would engage in such acts of violence,” Quam said, according to WISTV 10. “I’m going to put you on probation for 10 years. If you make it through 10 years, I have absolutely no doubt that all this will be safe, and that I will have made the right choice here today,” he continued, per CBS 8.

On top of the probation, Karia is not allowed to work in a daycare again and will be electronically monitored at home.