Black women and gender non-conforming folks have contributed to the progression of global society. Although their many achievements are often largely understated, the absence of their presence would be detrimental. This is increasingly true in light of the overturning of Roe v. Wade and the multiple risks that are heightened as a result. In response to this devastating reversal, #DayWithoutUs was created.

Day Without Us, like many influential societal movements, was organized by Black women-led reproductive justice advocates and organizers. With the intention of providing education and information for navigating where we stand in history, these organizers have devised a comprehensive curriculum to share with communities. Taking place today through virtual and in-person events, organizers will provide a variety of educational resources on topics such as reproduction rights, labor organizing, abolition, voting rights, climate justice, student movements and international solidarity.

As shared on the event's website, "Answer the urgent call to exercise our collective power in a #DayWithoutUs. The fight for our future is happening right now. In order to actualize America—the land that has never been and yet must be, where every human is free—our ask of you is simple: stay home on Friday, September 30th to gather virtually or in person. We’ll learn together, make connections, build community, and fortify ourselves for what comes next."

"Day Without Us is a day of disruption, learning, activation and community building. The current conditions require that we exercise our power in both new and familiar ways. Our bodies- the very bodies that our government exerts more control over daily- fuel and drive all of the systems that keep this country running," said Tiffany Flowers, campaign director of Day Without Us. "We will remove ourselves from our daily routines and join a mass teach-in to understand how the fight for reproductive justice is a fight for all of our freedoms—and learn how to plug into the fight from where you are.”

Each day, critical cases on issues such as voting rights, First Amendment rights and bodily autonomy are being attacked.  The selection of the date of September 30 for the event is due to it being the Friday before the next Supreme Court session, which begins on Monday, October 3.

Check out the livestream, below: