The cartoon universe is more soulful; DC Comics relaunched its iconic comic books with new African-American superheroes. Now Cyborg to takes rightful his place next to such characters as Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and The Flash.

“In redoing our line, we really wanted to get a line of books that was actually more reflective of the world around us and our fan base,” Dan DiDio, co-publisher of DC Entertainment, told “When we go to conventions, we see people of all races and genders. From our standpoint, we really wanted to create a line of books that was more reflective of the people who are buying our comics. What we’re hoping for is a revitalization of our line, a more youthful feel to our characters and stories. We want a real sense that these characters are participating in the same world that exists outside our window.”

Last year, for the entire month of September, DC Comics started over its entire universe with 52 new No. 1 issues. Called “The New 52,” one particularly exciting character to be introduced is of African descent. Batwing, identified as the “Batman of Africa,” is a caped crusader who battles misdeeds in the Motherland before making his way over to Gotham City to join Batman in his fight against crime.

Joseph Phillip Illidge, co-founder of Verge Entertainment, who is African American and once served as editor with DC Comic’s Batman Group, said, “I’m glad to see the cultural diversity championed by myself and other past DC editors is reaching its peak for DC Entertainment in their ‘New 52’ universe.”

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