Dear London,

When you read this it will seem so familiar to you, simply because I've whispered these words in your ear time and time again.

Baby, I admire your strength and courage to take on and conquer every obstacle that comes your way.  No matter what you've been through, the first thing you do every morning is smile, and it's so amazing to see.

Life takes unexpected turns sometimes. I remember giving birth to you and the doctors whisking you away before I could hold you in my arms. I can hear the words, "Your son suffered a stroke,” replaying in my head over and over— and I can't count how many private conversations I've had with God about it. Maybe I'll never understand how or why it happened but, what I do understand is that… you're a testimony.

When I think about how easily God could've given you to someone else to watch over you in the flesh, I'm so grateful that he chose me.

Every time I look at you I'm reminded of how much God loves me. Through you I've found my purpose, through you I live a life worth living…And I will stand by you no matter what.

Along the way people will ask questions: "Why does your son have a therapist?" "Why does your son have a neurologist?"  I'll say, "because he's special—so special to God that he chose him as evidence of his Grace." 

And one day you’ll ask, “Mommy what is Hemiplegia?” “What is Cerebral Palsy?” and I’ll say, “Something you championed."

We've been through a lot baby boy, and I can't say the ride has been easy, but I love riding with you and wouldn't have it any other way.  You're the best sidekick I've ever had! I've never seen something so cute in my rear view rocking out to my songs :).

London, every time I kiss your face, life starts over. With every breath you take, I am a better person.  It's funny how it appears that I'm taking care of you, when the truth is that you're taking care of me.  I've given nothing but total praise since the moment I felt you in my womb. I will take your courage with me everywhere I go, and I will tell the world what "special" really means—"chosen one."

There may be words on paper used to describe you but the only words that are certain are the ones that read "Child of God." I look forward to making more amazing memories and sharing this journey of miracles with you. A proud MOTHER stands behind you, hugging the sides of you and praying in front of you. Now go look in the mirror and give yourself a big kiss for me, tiny hero:)

Before, Now and, Until Forever,

I'll Love You,

Your "Momma" Brooke