People, there are choices in life.

But then again, people always find something to complain about. Sheesh!

With the announcement of the 2014 film Dear White People, being adapted to a Netflix series, White people are canceling their subscriptions to the service and started the tag #BoycottNetflix on Twitter.

C’mon do you really think that will hurt the company’s staying power? I doubt it. Here’s a resource that offers not only diverse content, but also inclusive stories.

When you have phrases such as “Netflix and Chill,” the popularity of the streaming platform will not dwindle – especially due to content you can choose (there’s that word again!) to watch or you can continue scrolling through the thousands of film, documentary, and TV show options the platform provides to watch something of your liking.

And the premise of the show isn’t even anti-White!

Twitter sounds off in 5…4…3…2…

Oh but wait… this guy tries to call the film out for a scene at the end.

Dude! You can’t be serious. NOTHING about Blackface is a joke! It’s an insult and that’s why the fight broke out.