After three presidential debates, plus a vice-presidential debate that seems to have left the nation’s body politic weary of the 2016 election and ready for it to be over with, already, social media still keeps a permanent record of all of it. Wednesday night’s clash between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is no exception and naturally there are parts of it that we’re still talking about over our respective watercoolers the next morning.

Here are five video clips from social media that people are continuing to talk about.

  • As far as Donald Trump is concerned, Hillary Clinton is a “nasty woman.” As something like this has probably never been uttered in a presidential debate before, it’s hard to imagine just how much lower things can get.
  • Trump took his first opportunity to speak Spanish in a debate to collectively insult the Hispanic-American community with his “bad hombres” remark. It’s a good thing he didn’t attempt to speak it when talking about anything else.

  • Since more than 70 percent of Blacks and Latinos live in urban areas, depending on your circumstance it can be tough to live in an urban area — or it can be great. But let Trump tell it, existing in an urban space means experiencing  “disaster” in a place where there’s “no education.”

  • But let’s not let Hillary off the hook completely. When the conversation came around to Haiti, which was devastated yet again when Hurricane Matthew hit earlier this month, she spoke in political jargon rather than specifics on a plan to help. Plus…if the Clinton Foundation raised $30 million for Haiti, why have so many projects for the country never come to fruition?

Finally, you’ve gotta hand it to Fox News’ Chris Wallace for keeping the debate as even tempered as he could. We’re not saying he was better than NBC’s Lester Holt, who was charged with refereeing a schoolyard fight, but he held it down and got us through this thing.