Football legend Deion Sanders, who's currently the head of head football coach at Jackson State University, has partnered with Gillette on a limited edition razor. Sanders played both football and baseball during his athletic career. He also is a two time Super Bowl champion and was has been inducted in the pro and college Hall of Fame.

“The razor is inspired by my personal mantra 'Look Good, Feel Good, Play Good.'  I designed it in collaboration with Gillette. The 3-D printed razor handle includes a sleek gold colorway with a whistle design and my Prime logo and signature number, 21," says Sanders.

The 'Look Good, Feel Good' saying is something I’ve embodied since I started playing the game. As a young kid, I always wanted to be the best dressed, best athlete, best student, the best in any endeavor that I was involved in. I wanted to look the part and the saying 'Look Good, Feel Good' is something we played off of. Having Gillette as a partner to help me roll with that and take it to another level with the shaving aspect has been great. I love to be well groomed. I love to look good and make sure that I don’t have any razor bumps because I know how to shave and prepare for my face, so that helped me with the design of this razor,” says the Hall of Famer.

Alongside the release of the new razor Gillette will donate $50,000 to The JSU Tiger Fund Athletic Foundation at Jackson State University in  support athletes through their academic careers—a cause obviously that Sanders is very passionate about. 

Image: courtesy of Gillette