Think Like a Man actor Gary Owen defended his wife, Kenya Duke, last weekend after he believed she was racially discriminated against before boarding a Delta Airlines flight. After Owen called out the airline via social media, a rep has responded to The Jasmine Brand.

According to the site, Delta released the following statement in regard to the incident in question:

“Delta does not tolerate discrimination of any kind. We are reviewing the situation with our Cincinnati team and are in contact with the customer to better understand what transpired.”

Owens blasted the airline on Instagram after Duke was questioned for standing in the first-class line to board.

“So, this morning, my wife and daughter were flying from Cincinnati, Ohio to San Francisco, California on Delta. 7:20AM, Gate B21. So, they tell everybody to line up for first [class],” Owens explained. “my wife gets in line, and the guy working the gate at B21, Cincinnati Airport asks my wife, ‘Oh, are you in first?’ And my wife said, ‘Yeah, I am.’ And then my wife said, ‘Are you not gonna ask the guy behind me?’ And he goes, ‘No.’ My wife said, ‘Why?’ He said, ‘Cause I don’t feel like it.’”

Owen went on to state the difference between his wife and passengers who were not questioned.

“Now my wife’s a Black lady. The guy behind her’s a white dude, and the ticket agent was a white dude. But he asked the Black lady, ‘Are you in first?’ But not the white dude. So, Delta – I have almost 3 million miles with you. When you see this lady, that’s my wife. She flies first. Don’t ask.”