The streets of Philadelphia were quieter early Wednesday than they were on Tuesday as only a few small demonstrations took place downtown and no marches were planned for the day as the Democratic National Convention moved through its third day. Many demonstrations have been happening in front of Philadelphia City Hall.

Through the week so far, thousands have taken to the streets in support of Sen. Bernie Sanders who lost the Democratic nomination to Hillary Clinton on Tuesday. In reaction, groups of Sanders supporters and Black Lives Matter activists walked out of the convention to voice their displeasure over Saunders decision to put forth a motion to end roll call votes and name Clinton the nominee.

Hundreds of Saunders supporters converged outside the Wells Fargo Center to voice what one protester called “a betrayal.” With cameras rolling, the group proceed to walked into the convention’s media center to occupy the space.

Midway through the hour long protest, activists on the outside began to chant “Black lives matter,” joined in the same chorus by Saunders supporters on the inside. Police moved in soon to break up the demonstration.

"We all have this unrealistic dream that democracy is alive in America," said Debra Dilks, of Boonville, Missouri. She said she isn't sure she will even vote in November: "Hillary didn't get the nomination. The nomination was stolen."

Also, about a dozen demonstrators were detained at Comcast's corporate headquarters during a protest accusing the cable giant and owner of NBC of not reporting the truth. Officers zip-tied protesters and closed the 975-foot skyscraper to all but Comcast employees, shutting a popular food court during the lunch rush.

Another four protesters were arrested by police and Secret Service Tuesday night as apparent Sanders supporters tried to scale an 8-foot wall at a restricted zone.

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