The Democratic Party made it official and selected Hillary Clinton as their nominee for president — the first woman ever to be nominated to run for the Oval Office. She is expected to accept the nomination Thursday night during the finale of the Democratic National Convention. 

On Tuesday, delegations from all 50 states and the territories read votes on the convention floor in Philadelphia.  

Clinton, the former Secretary of State, U.S. Senator and First Lady, defeated Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders 2842 to 1865 delegate votes.  

During the voting, Sanders made a motion on the floor to accept Hillary Clinton by acclamation—similar to the 2008 Democratic National Convention when Clinton took to the floor to push the same motion for Obama.  

The official Democratic nomination comes on the heels of Sanders supporters disrupting the first day of the convention, booing and jeering pro-Clinton speakers. The protests are expected to continue throughout the week, but will likely subside once the convention comes to a close.