Dennis Rodman pleaded guilty to two counts of misdemeanor DUI stemming from a Newport Beach arrest in January, TMZ reports.

But the former NBA star has somehow managed to avoid serving any jail time for now.

Rodman was reportedly busted for swerving and blasting music on Jan. 13. His blood alcohol level measured at .21, more than double the legal limit, according to reports.

The former Bulls forward is said to have struck a deal with prosecutors where he agreed to plead guilty and received just 9 months of attending a mandatory alcohol program.

As a result, his probation was revoked, but has since been reinstated. The NBA vet was reportedly told that if he messes up again in the next two years, he will be sentenced to 90 days in prison.

He went to rehab soon after following the arrest and says he is now sober and plans to stay that way.