Director Antoine Fuqua and leading man Denzel Washington sat down with EBONY after the Los Angeles screening of The Equalizer 2 on July 20. During the conversation, Washington explained why the movie is his first sequel, and Fuqua talked about potentially working on the upcoming Scarface film.

The Oscar-winning actor said the reason he hadn’t appeared in a sequel is that studios haven’t asked. “A lot of movies I’ve done aren’t sequel kind of movies,” he explained. “The only one that I was asked to do was a prequel to, or they talked about a prequel to, [was] Safe House.”

In speaking about sequels, Fuqua was asked to give an update on if he’d be working on the remake of Scarface. “I’ve been helping them develop a script,” he said. “That’s really where that’s at right now, just working on the script to make sure it’s right and it’s its own movie, not ‘Scarface’ that we saw before and not a remake of that.”

The director joked that Washington would be perfect to play the role of Scarface; he would just have to be Dominican.

Watch the full interview above. The Equalizer 2 is in theaters now.