Jamie Foxx sat down with acting legend Denzel Washington for the Grey Goose Off Script, an interview series hosted by Foxx that explores and celebrates actors and the iconic film moments.

The two-time Oscar winner talked about the one role he rejects passing on, doing his own stunts and what it’s like having his four children work in the movie industry.  The most surprising part of the segment for Foxx, was finding out that Washington not only knows who Cardi B is but that he is a big fan of the “I Like It” rapper.

At the 4:32 mark of the clip, the Yonkers native spoke about how amazing Judy Garland’s voice after mentioning he watched The Wizard of OZ, sometime last week. “That child can sing,” he exclaimed before belting out “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” Foxx chimed in and jokingly changed a lyric to include Cardi B’s name. Washington laughs and unexpectedly continued and added his own “Bodak Yellow” reference.

.”You think I don’t know,” Washington said before rapping the lyrics, “I give him whatever he want / He buy me Yves Saint Laurent and a new whip.”

Washington then says he not only likes Cardi B but he loves her. Watch the hilarious interview in the video above.