Wendy Williams YouTube Deleted 

Three weeks after the end of Wendy Williams Show, its YouTube channel has been deleted. The channel contained all of Williams' best moments over the span of 13 seasons and is now inaccesible. Fans have vocalized their dislike over the disappearance of the videos.

Allegations of Racism Against Tesla Continue

Allegations of racism at Tesla continue to mount. 15 former and current employees of the company have filed a new lawsuit that includes claims of harassment and racial discrimination. This comes in the middle of another lawsuit against Tesla regarding evidence of racial segregation through a 3 year long investigation.

Naomi Osaka Faces Backlash Over Media Company Hana Kuma 

Tennis superstar Naomi Osaka was challenged by fans to change the name of her new media company in conjunction with Lebron James' SpringHill company. Named Hana Kuma which means "flower bear" in Japanese, the term carries a derogatory meaning in the Swahili language. Although Osaka is of Japanese descent and speaks the language, many who speak Swahili feel as though she should have checked with other languages before solidifying the name. She has yet to comment on the backlash.

Massachusetts Crowns First Black and Muslim Woman as Miss Massachusetts

In 2021, Elizabeth Pierre became the first Black woman of Haitian descent to be crowned Miss Massachusetts. A year later, news anchor Katrina Kincaid has been crowned as the first Black and Muslim woman to claim the title while representing Cambridge, MA. Kincaid, now the 3rd Black woman in the pageant's history to hold the title of Miss Massachusetts, will go on to compete in Miss America next year.

Late Rapper Ol’ Dirty Bastard's Daughter Claims His Children Have Not Benefitted From His Estate

Ashana Jones, daughter of Wu Tang Clan's late member Ol' Dirty Bastard (ODB), recently spoke out about her and her siblings never receiving any funds from his estate since his passing. As the rapper did not leave behind a will prior to his death in 2004, New York State executed the payout of his remaining money. The money was set to be divided amongst 7 of his recognized children.