As the beginning of the 2016-17 NBA season draws near, one of its star players is facing legal trouble, and possible criminal charges over rape allegations.

Derrick Rose, who is expected to debut with the New York Knicks this season, is facing a civil case in which he is alleged to have been involved in a sexual assault, but also a criminal investigation by the LAPD, reported. A civil trial against him and two others in which they are accused of rape is scheduled to begin Oct. 4.

Los Angeles Police sent a letter last week to Rose’s attorney indicating that a criminal case against Rose is under way, despite his prior insistence to the contrary

Rose, 27, was accused of the assault along with two of his friends in 2013 incident in which the alleged victim was unconscious. He was sued in 2015. Court documents contend that the three men drugged the woman at a party, then assaulted her hours later when they trespassed in her apartment.

Rose has maintained that the interaction between them was consensual on the night in question and has accused her of trying to extory him. She was reportedly looking for $21.5 million in compensatory damages.

The letter written to Rose’s lawyer confirming the criminal investigation says the alleged victim’s identity will remain anonymous while it is proceeding, but a federal judge ruled earlier this month that she would not be able to maintain her “Jane Doe” identity during the civil trial. Rose’s defense has been attempting to make her go public with her name since she originally filed the suit, citing sexual depictions they say she made of herself on social media.

Rose was traded from the Chicago Bulls in June. The Knicks preseason kicks off on the day court proceedings in the civil trial are scheduled. Knicks president Phil Jackson told that he does not expect it to affect his season.

“We understand this is a serious subject we’re talking about,” said Jackson. “But this has to be done outside of our control. It’s something we can’t control.”

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