Jeffrey Moore, who was appointed by Florida governor Ron DeSantis as the commissioner of Gadsden County in Florida, has resigned after photos of him dressed in KKK garb surfaced, reports WFSU News.

Moore was appointed to the position following the June resignation of former County Commissioner Anthony Viegbesie, a Black Democrat.

Tracey Stallworth, senior pastor at Kingdom Glory Worship Assembly in Quincy, called on DeSantis to visit Gadsden County and address the incident during a press conference on Thursday.

Stallworth says he wants to ask the governor why he appointed the only District 2 county commission candidate who's a white Republican in the only county in Florida with a majority Black population.

“How come he didn’t appoint one of the other three candidates that were running?" he asked.

"As the governor, you’re supposed to protect us. You’re supposed to take care of us," he continued. "Come sit down and talk to the common folk in Gadsden County.”

This isn’t the first time that DeSantis has been affiliated with allies who have exhibited racist behavior. Back in 2018, DeSantis attempted to distance himself from a supporter who donated thousands of dollars to his gubernatorial campaign after racist tweets targeting former President Barack Obama came to light.

Democratic Congressman Al Lawson, who was born and raised in Gadsden County, also attended the press conference and spoke out against DeSantis for appointing Moore.

“Nothing like this should really happen. It’s a slap in the face to African Americans and people of color in Gadsden County," Lawson said. "It’s going to change. And hopefully, we can change everything, even the governor’s office.”

DeSantis has yet to comment on Moore’s resignation.