At midnight on December 19, 2017, I ate a vegan cupcake and drank a glass of champagne. I did so as a toast to 34 years of age this year, and cheers to tons of wisdom and success! I took a week off from work to figure out my life and how I plan to take over the world by the time I turn 35.  That’s exactly one year from now!

I have since resumed my Oprah Winfrey plan because I know I’m going to be great!

Age 33 was rough. I grew the most at 33, overcame betrayal, played a serious game of dodging sabotage, freed myself from the ugly residue of leftover romantic relationships and I abstained from sex for a whole year. (Insert prayer: Dear God, just let me be great while my future husband chooses me!)

I developed a serious poker face, and I’ve learned to be strategic. I shed a lot of tears, experienced some hair loss and even got rid of relationships that needed to come to an end. As I reflect back on what I accomplished, it was a hell of a lot! It was the year of discipline, observation, strategy and listening.

And Hell Yes, I AM WOKE!

I have uncertainties about what will take place in 2018 or where I will be arriving nothing short of greatness.  I never really planned out what I would be doing by age 34, nor did I really envision what I would be doing at 30 years old. OK, I did plan on having a cool-ass condo at 30 overlooking Lake Michigan and a career as an award-winning national news anchor or reporter.

As I sit and eat my yummy vegan (leftover) cupcake and work on my  master plan for 2018, I do know:

  • I will continue tell the world there is #GoodInEnglewood
  • I will continue to have a passion for service
  • Everyone will want to hire The Baldwin Media Group & Associates
  • I will remain a Vegan Boss Babe
  • I have learned forgiveness and to react less
  • I will Read More
  • I will Read More
  • I learn to sympathize for those who have ill feelings
  • I’m destined for #Greater

Some memorable moments in 2017:

Redefine standards of beauty and became a national beauty queen. In 2016 I was crowned Ms. American Elegance Woman 2017

In 2016, I was crowned Ms. American Elegance Woman 2017, and redefined the standards of beauty.


I launched the young girls mentoring group Tea With A Queen and started a new Girl Scouts Troop in Chicago’s Englewood community.


I led the organizing efforts between the Englewood Community & City of Chicago to bring the first ever “Welcome To Englewood” landmark sign.

Organized the #SafestSummerEver campaign

I organized the #SafestSummerEver campaign led by Pastor K. Andre Brooks.

1 of 14 Chicagoans selected as Chicago Community Trust Ambassadors for their communities to host conversations of why #YourVoiceMatters and why #YourCommunityMatters.

I was selected as one of 14 Chicagoans to be a Chicago Community Trust Ambassador for our communities to host conversations of why #YourVoiceMatters and why #YourCommunityMatters.

Walked In The First South Side Memorial Day Parade Continued to proclaim the #GoodInEnglewood

Walked In The First South Side Memorial Day Parade & Continued to proclaim the #GoodInEnglewood

Launched The Baldwin Media Group & Associates

And I launched The Baldwin Media Group & Associates.

I can honestly say I’m going into 34 healthy, of sound mind, fired-up and very much committed to ruling the world! I’m ready to pop-out! And God as my witness I’m  thankful for new found relationships, great mentors and accountability partners.

I’m looking forward and not backwards and ready to go harder than ever at 34 in 2018.

I raise my glass to 2018! This 34 year old #Millennial #Vegan #Englewoodian is ready to conquer the world and won’t stop until I’m there.



Rashanah Baldwin

Never stop believing in the #GoodInEnglewood!