Evvy, a female-founded startup company, was formed on the belief that the female body shouldn’t be a medical mystery. Studies show that across 770 diseases, including diabetes and cancer, women are diagnosed on average 4 years later than men and only 4% of healthcare Research and Development spend goes towards women’s health in the United States, the numbers are even lower for BIPOC populations. Those alarming stats inspired Evvy’s mission to destigmatizing vaginal health, make care more accessible and close the gender health gap.

In collaboration with top OB/GYNs and esteemed researchers, the company developed an innovative at-home Evvy Vaginal Health Test, that requires a simple swab and can be completed within minutes. The sample collects vaginal microbiomes, which are the bacteria and fungi that live inside the vagina and plays a crucial role in your overall health. Recent data has shown that the vaginal microbiome is also linked to infertility, preterm birth, gynecologic cancers, and moreEvvy firmly believes that caring for your vaginal health starts with the balance of your microbiome. 

Through the test results, the company supplies you with personalized reports, actionable insights and recommendations for probiotics, lifestyle changes, and more based on your unique health needs. The personalized data reports will allow you to understand your symptoms that can range from recurring infections, STI acquisition to fertility challenges. The efficiency of the tests can save you time on doctor visits, money, provide preventative care, and overall is a more personal approach to treatment. Additionally, the test results can aide in providing much needed data in health research for women.

Dr. Oluwatosin Goje, an OB-GYN and Reproductive Infectious Disease Specialist at the Cleveland Clinic, explains, “I strongly believe that the future of healthcare requires empowering women and people with vaginas, especially Black women, with better information about their own bodies so they can actively advocate for themselves at the doctor’s office.” She continues, “In a sea of misinformation on the internet on vaginal health, I’m excited that Evvy is providing scientifically accurate and engaging education — as well as a product that can truly help people better understand their bodies."