The Detroit Housing Commission (DHC) will finally regain control its in own public housing after being forced to give control to the federal government in 2005 following decades of fiscal mismanagement, dilapidated buildings, insubordinate employees and lax leadership. The site of the announcement was Emerald Springs, a $35 million public housing unit to be completed in 2014 that will have 200 living units and community center for meetings and educational and employment services. Prior to HUD’s takeover the city was criticized for having some of the worst public housing in the country.

HUD’s Assistant Secretary Sandra B. Henriquez stated “We want to ensure we're giving Mayor (David) Bing and this city an agency that is solvent and able to meet the needs of Detroit families." But Detroit won’t get the keys to the car just that easy. Bing will appoint an advisory board that will be trained and certified to do the job; HUD will also be monitoring the process through the Oversight Agreement and will maintain control of the commission's assets, including properties and programs.

Is HUD giving up control too soon? And will the financial state of Detroit will ultimately dictate the condition of federally funded programs—with or without a well-trained board? Weigh-in, Motor City natives!