Detroit’s Cristo Rey High School is continuing a legacy of academic excellence. For the eighth time in as many years, all of the school's graduating seniors have been accepted into college.

School President Michael Khoury beamed with pride over their accomplishments. “We are so proud of this class, and it really is a testament to the job skills that they learn as well as their hard work and dedication as students,” he said to ABC Detroit.

Many of the students participated in job training programs that allowed them to work at companies like General Motors and Detroit-based energy company, DTE. “The money they earned was then used to help pay for school programs, and the amount was more than $2 million,” Khoury said.

Khoury highlighted the importance on institutions like Cristo Rey during a 2015 interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network. "It's a unique school. For many of our students, they will be the first in their family to go to college and so its a big responsibility,” he explained in a 2015 interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network. "But it's also something new for both them and their families to know what it means to be in a college prep school, and that's why we're very demanding academically."

Graduating Cristo Rey seniors have been accepted into various colleges and universities including: New York University, Loyola University, Kettering University, Michigan State University and the University of Michigan.

Cristo Rey High School does not receive funding from the Diocese or the state of Michigan. Donations to the school can be made at