Photographer Devin Allen caught attention when he documented the protests in Baltimore following the death of Freddie Gray.

Shot in black and white, the startling image captured a Black man running as a swat team of police chased after him. The visual is chilling and one, of many, representations of what it feels like to be Black in America.

The rawness and thematic life essence of the image is reminiscent of the work produced by the late Gordon Parks and landed on the cover of Time Magazine after circulating social media.

Though it was that specific photo that grabbed America’s attention, while walking alongside members of the Black Lives Matter movement and others during the protest, Allen didn’t miss a beat while documenting it all. Now, his portraits will appear in the book, A Beautiful Ghetto courtesy of Haymarket Books, located in Chicago.


With a June 13 release, A Beautiful Ghetto will feature a collection of 100 black and white photographs taken by Allen and showcases, “the personality, beauty and spirit of Baltimore and those who live there, as his camera complicates the stereotype of a “ghetto”.

Allen will host a book release event on June 17, in Baltimore at the Reginald F. Lewis Museum.