We've all heard the saying "behind every great man is a great woman." In DeVon Franklin's case, he's had a tribe of women who've contributed to his upbringing and have been significant source of support throughout his journey.

Paying further tribute to these ladies, Franklin has joined forces with Audible to release an original series called It Takes a Woman, which offers listeners an intimate and emotional journey of tragedy, triumph and healing. Through this candid introduction to these women, Franklin allows us to take in the greatness of the women who raised him and his brothers after their father’s death. Affectionately referred to as his “village of love," DeVon's mother Paulette, and his five living great-aunts—Aunt Nuna, Aunt, Ida, Aunt Enis, Aunt Sondra and Aunt Donna—recount their collective experiences raising young Black boys into men.

Through this in-depth conversation, they discuss a wide range of topics such as marriage, death, divorce and even regret. In a fashion only a Black woman can deliver, the village of love also provides "colorfully frank" insight into dating, sex, and money while delving into taboo and sometimes painful truths buried deep within these topics. Through the series, audiences can be reminded of the strength found within an unbreakable family bond.

Get familiar with DeVon's village of love in an exclusive clip below: