DeVon Franklin understands the value in paying homage to those who shaped him in order to have a sustainable and successful future.

As previously reported by EBONY, Franklin has joined forces with Audible to release an original series called It Takes a Woman, which offers listeners an intimate and emotional journey of tragedy, triumph and healing.  In this Audible Original project, he offers an intimate look into his village of love—DeVon’s mother Paulette, and great-aunts Nuna, Ida, Enis, Sondra and Donna—who provides “colorfully frank” insight into dating, sex, and money while delving into taboo and sometimes painful truths buried deep within these topics.

Franklin sat down with EBONY correspondent Jenn Rodriguez to discuss the strong women within his life who shaped him and his own personal journey to healing.

"Sometimes, in order to go forward, you have to go back. So for me to go back to the scene of the crime with my father being an alcoholic and dying of a heart attack, there was a major tragedy and trauma that I needed to sort through and sit through in order to understand where I need to go," said the author in the interview.

To catch the full interview, watch the video below: