Last night’s Love & Hip Hop was one for the books. Let’s start with the most tame storyline of the nigh: Mandeecees and Yandy. When we left them last week, Mandeecees surprised Yandy with a Vegas getaway and capped it off with an impromptu trip to a chapel to tie the knot. Last night, we watched Yandy turn down Mandeecee’s proposal. Don’t get her wrong, she loves him and she wants to marry him. She just wants her white dress, horse-drawn carriage and 32 bridesmaids. Understandable.

Now let’s get to the real doozy. Diamond Strawberry and Cisco Rosado have to be the most train-wreck of a “couple” on all reality television. Diamond has officially moved away from her family (and 6-year-old daughter) in Los Angeles, ready to make a life with Cisco in New York whom she’s been dating for two years. Let me just begin by saying that I think it was a dumb idea for Diamond to move to New York in the first place… but hey, she’s an adult and will do what she wants.

Upon arriving, she meets with Cisco, who breaks the news that she’ll be staying with a friend of his. You heard that right: Diamond will not be staying with Cisco while she’s living in New York, but with a stranger. Cisco assures Diamond that he will come see her almost every day. Which is not exactly “every day,” but is more than “sometimes.”

Diamond is destined to make it work, but she gets thrown for a loop when her mom comes for a surprise visit. Diamond tells her mom she doesn’t know where Cisco lives. And apparently, she’s never told Cisco she has a 6-year-old daughter. So not only did she leave her daughter behind to chase a man across the country, but she didn’t tell the man she has a daughter. What does she tell him instead?

That her daughter is her dog.

Diamond Strawberry has definitely taken the cake for reality TV’s most terrible mothers. Rightfully so, Cisco turns the tables and kicks Diamond to the curb. Judging from the previews of next week’s episode, this storyline only gets even wilder.

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