Diandra Forrest has made history by becoming the frontwoman—no the very first Albino frontwoman—to head a major beauty campaign!

Forrest, a model and albino awareness advocate, will head Wet n Wild’s new Breaking Beauty campaign. It celebrates inclusivity and has an aim of highlighting physical characteristics that aren’t normally celebrated by society.

The New York native will appear alongside four more luminary models, including transgender model and writer Valentijn de Hihgh, and writer, cancer survivor and amputee activist Mama Cax.

>Forrest has always hoped to amplify albinism, but felt that her voice had no real place in the modeling world due to albino models being labeled as “mythical” or “otherwordly.”

But she is still committed to her goal regarding the condition:”To normalize what albinism was being depicted as,” she told Refinery 29. “I wanted to do it for myself and young girls growing up.”

Come through, Ms. Forrest!