Recently, Eddie Murphy has been doing the press rounds for his upcoming film "A Thousand Words," a comedy starring himself and Kerry Washington. In spite of his new film, Murphy has been receiving way more buzz about something else: his love life. In an interview with "Extra," Murphy finally puts the rumors to rest. When asked whether or not he ever dated Whitney Houston, as some had alleged being that they both grew to fame around the same time, Murphy answered very respectfully and plainly.

"I was never dating Whitney. She was a friend of mine," said Murphy. "I may have gone to dinner with her a few times, but it was never like we were dating — we were never boyfriend and girlfriend. We were very friendly acquaintances. She was a beautiful person." In addition to Houston's beauty, Murphy also commented on Houston's great sense of humor–quite a compliment coming from the comedic icon himself–and asserted that he's never seen Houston doing any drugs personally. "I saw her smoke a cigarette before, but that was about it," said Murphy. "She knows I did not like that and she didn't do that around me."

Most recently, Murphy has co-headlined the blockbuster movie "Tower Heist" with fellow funny man Ben Stiller and had been scheduled to host the Oscars this year. However, following "Tower Heist" filmmaker Brett Ratner's controversial resignation from directing the telecast event, Murphy turned down the offer at the last minute, although he never confirmed that he backed out because of his friend Ratner. Despite pulling out of this year's show, Murphy would still love to have the opportunity once again, claiming that though he did enjoy Billy Crystal as host, he would have steered the night a bit faster. "If they ask me again and it comes around, I'm totally open to do," said Murphy. "It's one of the few things that I haven't done as a comedian."

How believable is Murphy's response to the Houston dating rumor? And does it even matter at this point? Will ever piece of Whitney's history be dragged out for the entire world to see now that she's gone?