Yesterday, NASA scientists were excitedly shocked by images of a fossil beamed from the planet Mars. The Curiosity rover, which has been surveying an ancient riverbed, unearthed a bright white fossil which NASA's exobiologists say appear to be similar to primordial coral reefs found here on Earth. Coral reefs are formed by colonies of simple polymorphous invertebrates which lack organs. Angstrom H. Troubadour, spokesperson for the exobiology lab at Curiosity command, said, "This object could be anything from a piece of an ancient Martian coral reef to a previously undiscovered form of life."

While other experts are critical to point out the early nature of NASA's announcement, calling it "premature," Mr. Troubadour maintains that this is sure-fire evidence of life on Mars, adding, "The object may not even be fossilized. If that is true, it's an incredible find because it would contain much more organic material to analyze. It may even give us a profound insight into why life on Mars died out."