Bride: Ashley McKinnie, Assistant Director of Afterschool & Summer Camp Program

Groom: James King, Musician

Wedding Date: 05/17/2013

Wedding Venue: The Biltmore Ballrooms, Atlanta, GA


Wedding Planner: Michelle Gainey of Lemiga Events:

Makeup: Paris Gathwright:

The bride on their special day:

“After James proposed in April 2012, we almost immediately began to look at venues. I will forever remember how my heart melted when we walked into the Biltmore Ballroom.

“I had planned my wedding long before a proposal! So there were times I couldn’t accurately articulate what I saw in my mind, and I couldn’t find a picture either to give an example. Nonetheless, my vendors were so great that my dream was executed very well. Our other challenge was planning our wedding around James’s work schedule.

“One important piece of planning was to make sure that on our special day my dad, who’s deceased, was a part. I’m a true daddy’s girl and forever will be his princess. To accomplish this, we had a picture of him in our cocktail hour area and a rose in a chair during the ceremony. This meant everything to not only me but James also. Though James never met him, he knew how much I adored and love him.

“One part of the wedding process that was fun to us was our attire. James picked the groomsmen’s whole ensemble including the tie. This was a secret [to me] along with everything he wore, except his shoes and socks, which he let me see. So the day of the wedding, we were both glowing as we were checking each other’s ‘fit’ out.”

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