Diddy Talks Life After Losing Kim Porter

Diddy, infamous for his can't-tie-me-down approach to romance, showed traces of regret as he discussed the loss of his co-parent Kim Porter in Vanity Fair's latest cover story. In hindsight, the hip-hop mogul admits that if he would have settled down with anyone, it would have been Kim. “And so, you know, I had to start to deal with it when I lost Kim. ’Cause I was like, man, you had it," the Harlem rapper expressed. "I’m not saying I would do any of it differently. God willing—I would have had more time. He went on, “I look at my life as I got a second chance. I’m on my second mountain.”

NYC to Require Vaccinations for Entry to Restaurants and Fitness Centers

The push to get New Yorkers vaccinated has intensified. Tuesday, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that proof of vaccination will soon be a requirement for entry into restaurants, gyms, and entertainment venues. "If you're unvaccinated, unfortunately, you will not be able to participate in many things," de Blasio said, according to CNN. "If you want to participate in our society fully, you've got to get vaccinated." Broadway theaters have already confirmed that vaccinations will be required for guests and staff —at least through October.

Long Island Legislature Approves Bill Permitting First Responders to Sue Harassers

Nassau County legislatures voted 12-6 to approve a controversial bill Tuesday, which will permit first responders to personally sue anyone who injures or harasses them, CNN reports. Further, the offender, as defined in the bill, can be fined up to $50,000. The bill goes into effect immediately. While it does not specifically mention Black Lives Matter, it does cite "civil unrest since the close of May of last year," which is the same time that demonstrations took place in response to the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery.

The Weeknd Swears Off Hard Drugs, Says He's 'Sober Lite'

In a cover story for GQ, The Weeknd addressed his journey to sobriety and why he ceased use of hard drugs after being convinced that he needed them. "Drugs were a crutch. It was me thinking that I needed it. And not doing the work to figure out how not to need it," the singer explained. "I’ve spent the last few years realizing that and thanking God that I don’t need it. Because for a lot of people, it’s hard to shake it. But I knew, I didn’t want it.” Since he still smokes marijuana and drinks alcohol occasionally, he considers himself "sober lite."

Lil' Baby Turns Over a New Leaf, Expresses Desire to Carry Himself Differently

In an interview with Billboard, Lil' Baby spoke candidly about his desire to expand his family, build a legacy, and improve his image. “My life feels like a responsibility,” he told the outlet. “I’m not even trying to be no role model, honestly. [But] now that I know that I am, I try to carry myself differently, because I got people watching. I don’t even be doing what I really want to do. I do what I gotta do now.”