A wearer of many hats (and many names), Sean "Diddy" Combs will soon be adding "television executive" on to his ever-growing list of lucrative professions. The media mogul has reportedly teamed up with national cable company Comcast and MTV veteran Andy Schuon to spearhead his own music and pop culture network, which he plans to name Revolt. Scheduled to be launched next year, Revolt will be firmly rooted in social media, leveraging the power of the multimedia platform by sparking live music dialogue and influencing the digital music culture through video-centric innovations. "We’re building this platform for artists to reach an extraordinary number of people in a completely different way," said Combs, in a recent statement. "Revolt will be live, like all great moments in television history.” 

Magic Johnson and Robert Rodriguez have also landed their own network deals with Comcast, suggesting a more diverse array of content soon to come to our television set. According to Johnson, another high-powered mogul with extensive reach, his network Aspire will bring "enlightening, entertaining and positive programming to African-Americans families." Diddy certainly has plenty of experience both on the small screen and behind the camera, having been executive producer of shows such as the MTV franchise "Making the Band" and making guest appearances on "Entourage," "CSI: Miami," and others. Seeing as social media and television will inevitably propel one another to great heights — not to mention the obvious lack of strictly music television — Combs may very well have a hit network on his hands. 

Will Combs be able to dedicate the much needed attention to his network while balancing his other endeavors? Or, will this be a fleeting fail by yet another overly ambitious media mogul?