Diddy has always been a hands-on father, bu since the untimely passing of his children's mother, Kim Porter, last November, the music mogul has taken on a bigger role in the lives of his twin girls, Jessie and D'Lila, 12.

On Saturday, Diddy uploaded an Instagram video of himself practicing with the pre-teens for their school's rendition of Dreamgirls. In the video, the father of six hit every move to make sure the girls had them down pat and showered his daughters with compliments.


Along with the rehearsal video, Diddy shared a video of the girls during the show. "MY BABIES KILLED IT !!!" he captioned the clip. "So proud JUST LIKE THEIR MOMMY @ladykp."

After Jessie and D'Lila left the stage, he was front and center to give them beautiful flower bouquets.