It seems as if every time a black woman gets a social media shoutout from a black man, e.g. Kofi Siriboe and most recently, Diddy, white people start talking out their Twitter fingers.

On Thursday, Sean Diddy Combs wanted to salute black women for the wonderful embodiment of grace, beauty and strength that we are. So he hopped on Twitter and did exactly that: “shoutout to black women just because…”

While black women were probably out here responding with nothing more than a, “Thank you, sir. ‘Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop’ was excellent, by the way,” white women decided to enter their feelings.

While a number of the Beckies were quick to delete their butthurt responses — likely after receiving the wrath that is black Twitter — a few brazen souls still have their fragility on display for the world to see. Take Debby, for example, who although claiming to be black , felt Diddy should have made the comment more inclusive.

Then there were these folks:

Of course, black Twitter had to check Becky and her compatriots with comments like, “Becky, this isn’t about you” not to mention hilariously appropriate GIFs.

Beckies, calm down. In the eyes of the Tiger Woods, Cuba Gooding, Jr.’s and Kodak Blacks of the world, you’re all pretty.