We all have our masterplans of what we'd do when meeting some one we deeply admire for the first time. Sometimes, it even includes a little bit of expert super sleuth behavior. For legendary singer Dionne Warwick, this is exactly how her first encounter with the great Sidney Poitier came about.

On a recent episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert in which she told a plethora of glorious stories one could only dream of,  Warwick shared a special moment in which she met Poitier in the 1960s as a young woman. "I was coming out of a recording studio on 54th Street, and the [music] group came around the corner. And in front of me was walking this regal, gorgeous man, and I broke rank. I left my girls and I started following him," she recalled comedically.

The 81 year old Queen of Twitter continued with details of how she stalked him for a few blocks before he finally took notice. "I actually bumped into him. He turned around and he says, 'Little girl. What do you want?' And of course, I went crazy. My mouth didn't work. And finally, I said, 'Can I have your autograph?' And from that day till the last time I saw him, which is a year or so ago, he did not greet me as, 'Hi, Dionne.' It was, 'Hello little girl, would you like my autograph?' "

The full clip of Dionne Warwick on The Late Show can be seen below.