Republicans are significantly more likely to say that Whites—not Blacks in America—experience the majority of discrimination.

The findings are the result of a report released by PRRI.

According to the findings, 43 percent Republicans feel that Whites face discrimination a lot more than Blacks. Democrats and those affiliated with the Independent Party are far more likely to claim Blacks experience a lot of discrimination. Their numbers were 82 percent for Democrats and 59 percent for Independents.

Over the last four years, the partisan gap has increased substantially. In 2013, roughly 66 percent of Democrats expressed the view that prejudicial treatment against Blacks in the U.S. is common. Thirty-two percent of Republicans expressed the same sentiment.

The survey also asked participants about discrimination in relation to religious affiliation. White evangelicals are more likely to say Christians face a lot of discrimination than Muslims—57% vs. 44%, respectively. Researchers cited generational divisions for the sentiments regarding Muslims, but less so in views regarding the amount of discrimination confronting Christians. Seventy-seven percent of young adults say that Muslims face a lot of discrimination compared to 51 percent of seniors. Similar numbers of young adults 25 percent and seniors 32 percent say Christians are currently undergoing a great deal of discrimination.


PRRI is a nonpartisan, independent research organization that explores and brings to light America’s ever-evolving cultural, political and religious landscape. The organization’s public opinion research is based on probability sampling meant to ensure that results are broadly representative of the population.

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