While cultural diversity can be an amazing, transformative and revolutionary blessing, there are also those times when the blurring of (color) lines is as uncomfortable and frustrating as, well, Robin Thicke suing to protect himself from the family of the artist from whom he jacked to create the biggest record of his whole career. 

We've been witnessing awkward "post-racial" moments—a phrase used with all the snark, sarcasm, unabashed derision we can muster, but surely you knew that—since long before Miley Cyrus purchased Kelly Bundy's wardrobe and attempted to start…whatever it is she's attempting to do (Here's one. And another. And one more.) Though some cultural appropriation demands an critical conversation or thoughtful op-ed, sometimes we just gotta laugh or roll or eyes or offer up a hearty "Oh, okay" and keep it moving. 

That said, here is an actual pitch that landed in my inbox. I can't, I won't, I refuse to accept this is the world we're living in. Behold…the gentrification of the grill: 

Celebrities are known to take part in expensive/outlandish trends and the most recent one that is taking Hollywood by storm are “grills” for your teeth. With platinum, gold, and diamonds, celebrities are able to transform their smile with lavish materials. What makes up a grill and how do they go about making them fit perfectly to their smile? [Name redacted because no, nope, absolutely not] a national dental membership program for uninsured patients (Ed Note: IRONY!)  is available to comment on the steps taken to make a mold and get a grill. Would you like to learn more about how these celebrities are designing their smile?

Welp. Biggie's "You never thought that hip hop would take it this far" might have been the understatement of our lifetimes. I though hearing Warren G's "Regulators" on an adult contemporary station was my awkward post-racial experience for the week, but I was wrong. Clearly, there are #levels to this foolishness. And we'll be pointing them out here once a week. Mount up! 

Jamilah Lemieux is the News and Lifestyle Editor for EBONY.com. Tweet her @jamilahlemieu